The Mazzini School does not have a gym: pupils cannot meet the police to compete for legitimacy

Udine. He does not have a gym, and Giuseppe Mazzini, a staple on Via Bariglaria, at Beivars, must abandon the event with the Commissioner, Manuela de Bernardin Staduan, the children and the teachers for the “PretenDiamo legalality” national contest.

This is what Romina Bertolotti, liaison officer for the Mazzini School Parents’ Association, said during the Judea Pivars District Council session chaired by Dino Fabrice.

The initiative, now in its fourth version, aims to promote a culture of legitimacy and respect for rules among young people and targets primary and middle school students.

After an initial media phase, students had the opportunity to create text wording and graphic arts with various techniques such as posters, photographs, drawings, collages or models.

“Police Commissioner Mara Licio wanted to meet Chapter Five, and was gladly impressed with the proposed actions that are now being examined by a national jury – Bertolotti mentioned – and in collaboration with the Commissioner to emphasize the importance of the project and hand over the school notes to the third class of the state police.

Instead, in compliance with anti-Covid rules and having to deal with weather conditions, since the school does not have a gymnasium or in any case enough covered space, children of elementary school Antonio Frieze who are fortunate enough to have a gymnasium and an auditorium have been chosen. ».

Fabrice stressed that “the meeting with the Commissioner, for the children, would have been a gratification of their participation and commitment, and it would have given prestige and value to the school structure.”

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Residents are asking to build a gymnasium for the Mazzini School loudly, one of the battles the district council has fought since its inception: the institute is the only one in the city that does not have spaces for physical activity in the covered.

“Sports associations in the area come to the school for recreational, movement, but palliative activities – Bertolotti notes -. Until two years ago, the municipality offered a grant to attend a swimming course in Palamostre and then stopped everything for Covid. Solving this question will not only help the school but the entire neighborhood.” And all the facts in the area that have to resort to the neighboring municipalities to practice sports in the afternoon or evening because the gyms in the neighborhood are all occupied.

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