The manga writer reveals what he sees in the future, and he has bad news for fans

Some have concluded Attack on Titan, the great work of mangaka Hajime Isayama, in its paper version, and in the coming months the animated movie will be out soon. The next season is just around the corner, and while fans and fans of the series unflinching with the manga still find themselves unaware of some of the most important moments in the story, those who have followed the work to the end know very well how we will have to expect very different reactions within the fanbase.

Speaking of which, after finding himself invited to the US for an anime convention in New York, Hajime Isayama was able to express his thoughts on the manga and its ending, in a moment that was somewhat touching that also nearly caused him to shed some tears.

In addition, always during the anime-themed event, the manga also made many interesting statements about his future with the manga world, although What will he do with his life next, And his intentions regarding the creation of some new works.

the attack of Giants

Future creator of Attack on Titan

During the event in New York, Isayama answered many of the questions that were asked during his session, and also revealed the goals he’s set for himself now that he’s finished the manga, and the potential projects he’ll follow. However, among the author’s various statements, there is also one that could leave some fans disappointed: in fact, he says he has no intention of creating another manga.

During Attack on Titan, Isayama said several times how after completing the series, he would take a break from writing, also revealing his strange dream of opening spas. During the conference, the author said that the best part of making manga is the money (no kidding, he said it in that papal way), but that aspect didn’t seem to appeal to him anymore.

Attack on Titan categorizes characters

Now, Hajime Isayama can really decide to continue with his project of opening a spa to relax in after 10 years of continuous work on a manga that has rocked the Japanese entertainment world lately. Who knows, maybe this completely different path to writing might also prompt him to decide to return in the future with new work.

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