The MacBook Butterfly keyboard suit has become a class action in the United States

The legal case is pending against Apple, city, cat Which is targeting the controversial The “butterfly” mechanism From last year’s MacBook and MacBook Pro laptop keyboards I reached class action suit, According to the testimony of a United States District Court judge for the Northern District of California.

As of 2018 many users of MacBook and MacBook Pro systems In seven states, they sued Apple alleging that Apple was aware that the butterfly switches were defective. According to plaintiffs, Apple violated consumer protection laws and internal procedures and documents show that Apple was aware that the design was defective from the start.

The butterfly mechanism keyboard received mixed reactions from the audience. Apple designed the mechanism to be able to create more compact systems and to provide a better user experience, although in fact, in addition to recognition, there were also many negative reviews. But regardless of the preferences, the main problem was another: Butterfly keyboards have proven to be less durable than previous models. 2018 survey by Appleinsider He indicated that MacBooks underwent 40% more keyboard repairs after the butterfly keyboard was introduced. Repeat fixes also increased pointer.

In June 2018, Apple realized that this mechanism was causing concrete problems and decided to launch one Free repair and replacement campaign, As well as compensation for those who have already incurred the costs of the same operation. Since mid-2018, Apple has only had laptops with butterfly mechanism keyboards in the catalog. During 2019, a revised mechanism was used for the MacBook Pro line, while in 2020, Apple took a step back by proposing keyboards with a renewed scissor mechanism.

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The resolution By Judge Edward J. Davila to grant this class-action lawsuit the case has the effect of making any citizen of California, New York, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Michigan and Washington in possession of a 2015 MacBook -2017, a 2016-2019 MacBook Pro or 2018-2019 MacBook Air in order to be able to participate in the case.

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