The M4 in Milan will be the first metro line in Europe with 5G

The agreement between myth H M4 Spa Official time. Line 4 from Milan will be there The first in all of Europe to enjoy full coverage of 5G networks. He joined a company active in the electricity and communications infrastructure sector (Al Abraaj) that decided to install its plant The (Distributed Antenna System) on the M4 line starting at the section Lynette Furlanini. The Inwit station will support the latest generation networks by receiving a signal from the various operators active at the Blue Line stations (M4).

Milan is once again confirmed as a leader in technological development. This project will ensure a unique service to beyond 86 million passengers That will take you to the Linate-Forlanini section from the moment of installation. Work will continue in parallel with the construction of a 15 km subway line with an estimated end During the first half of this year.

“The M4 will be equipped with a dedicated micro-coverage network that will improve the signal reception capacity of various operators within the line, ensuring that passengers have a fast and efficient use of smartphones, tablets and computers. We are proud of this additional step from INWIT in the name of innovation. The agreement with M4 represents a big step into the future, in line with our 2021-2023 business plan. This is how our commitment to enabling the nation’s digital infrastructure continues to support mobile operators. Thanks to Iwit’s DAS, the M4 will become Europe’s first 5G ready metro, It was announcedGiovanni Ferrego, Managing Director of Inwit.

The ambitious Inwit project will see installation Small antenna Able to adapt to any environment. The most important news relates to Very low electromagnetic emission So much so, that the project will also be implemented in health facilities across Italy.

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