The lottery, what to do with receipts: should they be saved?

As many of you already know, Lottery receipt It is the new free lottery associated with the program Italy cashless It was developed by the government to encourage the use of credit cards, debit cards, ATMs, prepaid cards, cards and applications connected to payment circuits in order to modernize the country and encourage the development of a digital, faster, simple and transparent system.

Lottery receipt, how it works

Receipt lottery is Free Because he Linked to regular non-cash purchasesThat is, purchases made without cash, using electronic payment tools.

I Our cashless purchases produce “virtual tickets” (Virtual ticket for every Euro spent, With a maximum of 1,000 virtual tickets per receipt in an amount equal to or greater than € 1,000) that allow us to participate in the competition.

The merchant is obligated, when he collects the amount and issues the receipt (commercial document, not financial), to send the relevant data for tax purposes to the revenue agency. The same data, if combined with our lottery symbol (World Health Organization All information on how it was obtained and what it was intended for), is sent to the new lottery system and automatically allows participation in the lottery.

How should the receipt be to participate in the lottery

Every voucher accepted in the voucher lottery is It can be recognized by these areas:

  • Commercial document number (such as document number 0002-0003)
  • Date and time (es. 03-02-2021 13:14)
  • The transmitter serial number is preceded by the initials “RT” or “Server RT” (eg RT 25IAT123456, Server RT: 37SAT123456)
  • There is no definition of cash register except in the case of “Server RT”, shown under the transmitter serial number (eg ECR 02140008)
  • Amount spent (example € 18.90)
  • Lottery symbol (personal, with your tax code).
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Do I have to keep receipts?

But what happens to receipts? what should we do? Do you need to keep them? Fortunately not, It is not necessary to participate in the lottery or claim prizes.

To participate, you only need to own the lottery code and pay cashlessIn order to redeem prizes, you must be able to prove that you paid without using cash Submit an account statement or similar document This indicates that the purchase was made using electronic payment methods.

However, a receipt is not sufficient to prove cashless payment (note that not all purchases with cards, ATMs and apps are included, World Health Organization List of excluded payments).

How to verify that the merchant sent the receipt correctly

How can we verify that the store owner has indeed sent our receipts electronically? very easy.

If they issue the receipt to us at the time of purchase Indicates our lottery symbol, It must be properly registered and sent to the tax authorities and thus it must be stored in the lottery system.

However, to ensure that this is 100% possible. Check everything on your own Reserved area On the lottery receiving site. Here you can view our list of receipts, just register. Skinny you World Health Organization To find out if a store owner participates in the lottery.

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