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Whatsapp never ceases to amaze, a new button is coming soon: it’s a shortcut and a really useful function, all the details

Whatsapp, one of the most famous and among the most loved applications compared to instant messaging applications, is a novelty associated with the arrival of a new button (and function).

new whatsapp button
Today’s information

It is located at about a Request with incredible success, The WhatsApp Which can boast of a very large number of users who use it day after day, every day, to exchange messages, multimedia contents and attachments.

It is precisely thanks to this widespread use that the use of the application can also be associated with being a suitable target for which it is aimed Spammers. That is, numbers do exactly that spam emails, That is, they send it Constant advertising messages and in some cases even viruses.

Even if there exist some basic tools inherent in spam management, The best way to continue to keep your messages section organized and clean is represented by it Block annoying contacts.

In order to continue if this path is not improved, The WhatsApp at work to add some abbreviations the new. the reason? The ability to make it simpler and more immediate Block spam contacts or companies.

Action block, When necessary, it is a valuable component of social networks. And this is not only about him Spam emails and related protection from the latter. But it’s also a related thing Unwanted contacts or people who are no longer welcome.

New Whatsapp button: shortcut to block, what you are working on

when it comes to b The WhatsApp Topics, items of interest, and ideas are definitely lacking. This is very much because there is always a lot of interest in the instant messaging applicationhow much because updates and news always improve user experience.

Such is the case with this particular one News to be discovered, with important uses and related to proxies: here are all the details. Just like staying in the field of important jobs, although it does exist, many do not know or do not know very well How it works and the utility of self-destructing messages.

However, back to the point in question, so the issue of blocking unwanted contacts with new whatsapp buttonUpdates come out WaBetaInfo.

Followers will know that it is the portal that is constantly dealing with developments that lead to very important improvements.

If so, it can be found in the latest beta version of the well-known “green” application Two new and easy modes, rooted in blocking unwanted topics.

by installation Whatsapp beta v2.22.5, You will notice a file New button “block”, accurately. The latter, along with “reply” And “Silencein message notifications.

New “Block” button in Whatsapp beta

Usually, at the time of appearance notice to Message, The user has the option to be able to click on “replyIn this way we move on to one small opening Window To chat and have a way to be able Write right away reply message.

At the same time, there is generally the possibility of being able to Mute, This is to avoid any notification regarding that contact. Already in this case it is one Job Who’s the big one? service to avoid discomfort. However, the concerned contact can still continue to send messages.

regarding ads, Rather, the latter will allow you Proceed immediately and quickly to block all new activity Of a commercial nature or perhaps related to an unknown topic, which he will not be able to disturb.

Think, for example, of the moment you are in the company and at that moment the witches start to get that you don’t want other people to read it. In this way, by virtue of this function, the user They can be prevented in the bud. And everything without having to log into the application.

At the same time there is a possibility afterwards to run a selection chat from section “chatsDefault and continue in the drop down menu on the right so you can see the new option for block. If so, this other procedure takes a few more steps, but it’s still easier than the original one.

Thus, in the presence of a message Spam emails Would cause trouble, you will know how to act.

To immediately access this function, the past present whatsapp trial version, There is the possibility to sign up for the beta program from the Play Store for example.

The hope is that those who are using the stable version of the app will not have to wait too long to be able to enjoy and use these precious options.

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