The “listener” of Buscemi in the days of Venice

to conclude Authors’ Days 2022 The film was selected out of competition in Venice the listener From Steve Buscemiwritten by Alessandro Camon and perform it Tessa Thompson.

production from hantz motion pictures In co-production with olive production And the unseen scene.

what is he talking about the listener

The film tells the story of Beth, a woman who works as an emergency switchboard in the United States. Every evening she receives phone calls of all kinds and every evening she is hung up between having to save someone or losing someone. For all the phone calls she is there to hear what’s coming in from the other side of the line, and who knows how far away.

Since the pandemic, Beth has been working from home with her dog. A phone call breaks into her house asking for more, asking her to bypass protocol. She will have to break the rules to tell herself and at the same time try to save the life of the stranger she called tonight.

The viewer is called to be Beth: he must be willing to listen, welcome, and lend a helping hand, no matter who Beth is.

The listener, speaking on a topic such as mental health, highlights the problems close to my heart, which have come to the fore in these years of uncertainty..

In an age where superhero entertainment is both a fun escape from reality and also a way to avoid confronting it, it seemed important to me to make a movie in which our hero has a superpower that all of us can find inside. How do you listen.

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Steve Buscemi, Director


Steve Buscemi He is an American director of Italian descent on his father’s side, born in Brooklyn, New York.

Passionate about acting since high school, then he moved to Manhattan to study there John Strasberg. So he tried his hand at the first plays he wrote and performed, and got his first lead role in the movie. parting glimpses (1986) by Bill Sherwood. Since that time, he has worked with the best of Hollywood.

Behind the Camera, he made his first short film in 1994 called What happened to BethThen direct episodes of TV series like soprano (2001-2006) and miracle workers (2020-2021).

In addition to the other feature films he has shot the listenerI am bar flies (1996), animal factory (2000), Jim Waheed (2005) and an interview (2007).

The film will be shown on September 9 at the Giornate degli Autori Awards 2022

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