The list of incompatible PS4 games gets shorter

Although it is among the greatest brags PlayStation 5, Backward compatibility functionality cannot be considered completely perfect. In fact, some games that were originally released on PlayStation 4 cannot be played on this next-gen console.

The List of PS4 games that are not backward-compatible with PlayStation 5 He talked a lot about himself last October, when Ten matches included in total. On that occasion, the developers of one of them, TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge 2, were quick to announce a patch capable of unlocking backward compatibility with the game, even if it hadn’t been seen yet. Today, however, we are pleased to inform you We can cross Joe’s Diner off the list. In the past few hours, United Independent Entertainment has released a patch of around 100 MB (the first in the game’s history) making it finally usable on PlayStation 5.

Joe’s Diner is a niche game, so few players might have been disappointed with not being able to play it on PS5. Whatever the case We can only commend the commitment of the developers From the address, which puts users in the shoes of an employee assigned to the night shift in a small restaurant located on the famous Route 7, which was built in the middle of an unknown location and atop an ancient Indian cemetery … PlayStation Store 1,499 euros.

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