The lira equals the value of the house: that’s what it is. “crazy”

Today the lira is still the “Italian currency” par excellence, although exactly twenty years have passed since its disposal, which took place almost in conjunction with all other currencies, throughout Europe. The former Italian coin turned out to be one of the longest-lived and certainly among the most remarkable from a collection point of view but also from a historical/cultural point of view. Some rare lira and historical significance are very highly valued today.

The lira equals the value of the house: that’s what it is. “crazy”

The lira was born long before our country, unified as we know it today, as the first form of coinage called in this way dates back to the early nineteenth century, when Italy was still a country divided into many states: many of them began to adopt the lira under the control of Napoleon I, but within a few decades, it had spread throughout northern Italy. Beginning in 1861 with the unification of Italy pound It has become the total currency of the whole country, and one of the most interesting issues from an economic point of view is a particular currency, made in very few (just over a hundred) copies.

This is a silver 5 lira version, with the face of King Vittorio Emanuele III also known as the “Savoy Eagle” due to the animal representation on the other side. Only 114 examples were minted in 1901. Due to the extreme rarity, it is practically impossible to find one, but in this case we can practically consider ourselves rich, especially if the coin is in particularly good conditions.

Given its historical value, the 5 lira savoyard eagle represents a kind of fetish For all collectors: a specimen in good condition is worth at least 15,000 euros, but the better the state of preservation, the higher the value, which can exceed 110,000 euros if it is in good condition. non-circulating glossyPerhaps the most profitable lira ever.

The currency is worth the national lira

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