The liberal and democratic left, is now in a schizophrenic short-circuit

Saturday 2 July. I’m going back to Milan for a business appointment. Just before 4pm I find myself stuck in a kind of traffic jam with two patrols of municipal police officers. They explained to me that there was a gay parade and that much of the city, from the inner ring road towards the center, was closed. I am trying to take alternate routes but the block is impassable. On the Via Melchiorre Gioia I surrender. I get out of the car and enjoy the show. Thousands of people, especially young people, walk and dance in defiance of the sweltering heat. Some pickups pass by, equipped to accommodate residents of color who are delegated the task of representing something that has to be agitated and shaken by the overrate. But it’s deja vu, just an endless revival of the cliché of provocation.

The colorful and noisy spectacle of the procession gliding on the hot asphalt brings out in me a sense of unease that contrasts with the festive atmosphere and energy of the Pride participants. It saddens me to see yet another plastic representation of the short circuit in which the liberal left is immersed in this historical moment. Boys and girls who dance regardless of the toxic heat makes me tender. I know they are convinced that they are in the right place, that they are doing something good and right, and that they are helping to defend civil rights. This is true. At least partially. Very few of them, however, have realized that in the past two and a half years freedom and rights have been continually attacked and eroded with the support of most of the characters who share and support Pride. Milan Mayor Sala, who patronized the Pride, at the same time revitalized the process of recognizing the children of spouses of the same parents born in Italy: “I want to do concrete things for my Milan, so that the capital is rights”.

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A grandiose and perfectly acceptable project, reinforced by the reference to the recent ruling on abortion by the Supreme Court of the United States of America: “We are living in a very difficult historical moment, in which a right like abortion is being abolished. Now there is going to be someone who will try to act on discrimination and that is why we We should recognize all rights to everyone, in fact.” It is a pity that in terms of facts they seem dissociative words. Sala and the heroes of the liberal and progressive left who today criticize the ruling on abortion under the pretext of freedom of choice in the woman’s body, because he did not feel the same indignation, but rather supported by the sword the most severe repression against them. Who is that freedom he has demanded regarding vaccines against Covid-19?

In fact, Salé did not say a word to protect the rights of workers, students, men, women and children who were prevented from exercising their right to work, study, exercise, freedom of movement, etc. Failure to comply with the obligation to vaccinate. Similarly, Sala did his best to expel Valery Gergiev from Scala in Milan because he had not declared himself anti-Putin and, therefore, necessarily, pro-Putin. Roberto Paul had a similar approach, rightly fighting for gay rights but then rushing to support the dangerous drift of the Western cultural world in the crusade against Putin, excluding Russian dancers from his show without a doubt.

It’s the short-circuit for one-way or alternative Democrats. The same short-circuit that has prompted the outspoken spirits of right-minded Democrats to conform without hesitation to the single idea of ​​a pandemic and to act as an amplifier and super-spokesperson for the unilateral narrative of Western governments, a prior negation of any (reasonable doubt). Discontent found no place among Italian liberals and progressives when the Draghi government blocked millions of people enjoying their rights simply for not being subject to the obligation of vaccination.

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Liberty that is conditional and subject to political will has already been promoted and defended by loyal democrats in our house. Many of those who are thunderers today in defense of civil rights have willingly accepted the brutal Manichaean division of people into good and evil. It is the result of myopic vision that makes simplification and the consequent removal of complexity the key to understanding the world. It was natural, even real, to deprive millions of people of their rights. It all happened in indifference, if not with the support of a large part of the Italian people. The same short circuit and the same schizophrenia found in the peace demonstrations called for by those who send weapons to Ukraine

By Marco Pozzi

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