The legendary Opel Manta becomes electric

The legendary Opel Manta It can be back on the road with an electric motor. In fact, the automaker revealed No Manta GSe ElektroMOD. It’s a particular project that has seen the manufacturer take an iconic model from the past to revisit it in a modern key. After all, recently the phenomenon of “restomod” has become very fashionable, that is, the restoration of compounds of the past equipped with the latest generation elements and technologies.

Opel states that “MOD” in the name means modern technologies as well as a sustainable lifestyle. Also, “Electro” is a temptation Not the Opel Electro GT Which 50 years ago set some world records for electric cars. Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD offers some new and original stylistic and technological solutions. However, the car remains a sports car and also has a digital display.

According to Opel, thanks to the electric motor, this model becomes “immortal”. An indication of the reliability of the electric drivetrain and the fact that it is no longer necessary to count on assistance in finding spare parts for the engine and gearbox. Moreover, due to its zero-emission nature, you will not have to submit to the ban on vintage cars with internal combustion engines.

The fact that Opel decided to use Manta for this project shows how its design still remains relevant today. After all, this iconic model from the past has inspired the “new face” of the brand Known as “Opel Visor” We already saw it inside New Mocha Which will be the hallmark of all future Opel models.

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Nothing has been mentioned about the specifications, unfortunately and it is not clear if there will be any follow-up. However, Opel wanted to emphasize an important point in its future which is By 2024 Each Opel will have an electric version.

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