The Legend of Zelda, RBF cosplay celebrates the return of Breath of the Wild 2 –

Zelda It proves to be one of the favorite subjects of many cosplayers, as the model shows in this case RBF.cos who introduces new disguise Focus on the character in question, which was released on the occasion of the release of the new trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2.

After a long wait, Nintendo is back to showcase the much-anticipated game on the occasion of E3 2021, so we can expect a new batch of themed interpretations as well from cosplayers, which have been revitalized by going back to the scenes. Breath of the Wild 2 (or what the new chapter will be called).

RBF Cosplay has also picked a totally trendy outfit lately, even if it’s not really being offended: It’s Zelda in her version with White dress, especially regal and polished compared to the more combative and sporty versions that showed themselves in their last appearance.

This is a version of Zelda we’ve seen in both The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, sometimes when it fits into her role as Hyrule’s almost “spiritual” mentor. RBF is also a traditional costume player who has personally built Every part of the costume, he also takes care to specify in the description, stating that he had to return it twice, cut the fabric just right, and paint it the most faithful white. Accessories such as the necklace, belt, and bracelets are made with a vinyl-coated cardboard construction.

“I’m really excited about the Breath of the Wild 2 trailer! I know it’s just a small status update, but that’s okay,” the accompanying message says.

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