The least obese are those who consume this product diligently

The health status of a person is due to many factors, but nutrition is one of the factors that can greatly affect collective well-being.

There is a link between culinary culture and the health of the entire population. The habit of consuming certain types of products instead of others helps entire peoples to stay healthy and fit. When we talk about “keeping fit” we are not referring to the physical aspect, but rather to maintaining the organism in a healthy and balanced state.

Nutrition alone is clearly not necessary, but the consumption of high-quality, low-fat foods is definitely a deterrent to the emergence of diseases related to obesity and overweight: high cholesterol, liver problems, and heart problems are just some of these. It is useful to modify the diet to improve the well-being of the individual and the group.

These are the fattest people in the world

A Japanese study, presented during an important event in Scotland, showed that there was an association – but not a cause-and-effect relationship – between People and their diet. The well-being of the population is closely related to culinary culture, even if cooking is not the only factor that determines their state of health.
According to this study, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Indonesia were ranked as the best and most virtuous countries. France is among the worst, followed by the United States, England, Spain and Canada.
It’s not clear where Italy came from, but given that the Mediterranean diet is among the most appreciated and envied by the rest of the world, we’re sure it’s not in the lowest places in the rankings.

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In the Japanese study, the Link between obesity and food No other types of diseases were mentioned. But what ingredient seems to be an antidote to serious weight problems? The simplicity of the answer will amaze everyone: laughter. The least obese countries are those in which the consumption of 150 grams is recorded. per day per person from plain rice, wholemeal flour or rice flour.
The rice consumption It is closely related to culture and also to its ability to be found, and therefore to its cheapness. It should also be noted that a low rate of obesity does not necessarily coincide with an equally high rate Public Health. A more in-depth study should take into account more differences.

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