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Infinite aura it will not be MasterpieceOr, at least that’s a previous mention from 343 Industries about Microsoft’s most important exclusivity and its tumultuous development. So we can consider the last game Wrong move Of cleavage X-Box Now different?

Don’t get around it: Halo Infinite’s postponement was exciting for several reasons: It was a launch title Xbox X | S It had been in operation for quite some time, but apparently no one noticed its obvious weaknesses.

Halo Infinite, image from the movie trailer.

According to the former developer, the 343 industries They were aiming to implement a very ambitious project, which also required an overhaul of the graphics engine and involved a large amount of work without giving the desired results.

The aforementioned delay to 2021 seems to have allowed the team to make major improvements to the experience, which have also been seen recently, but not at the depth that has revolutionized a project that may also pay duty to its nature. Via Gen.

Halo Infinite, Master Chief looks at a loss in the gameplay view.
Halo Infinite, Master Chief looks at a loss in the gameplay view.

It’s weird to pronounce these terms, because the path the Xbox division has taken is under LED Phil Spencer It seems to have solved almost all of the issues related to the period when he was the boss Don Matric, But making a mistake in such an important title is not normal and probably wouldn’t have happened at Sony.

According to some rumors, even the Japanese company has its misgivings, and it seems that for some time it relied exclusively on certain development teams, even if products like Returnal appeared and the thesis was immediately questioned.

Back, the game you never expect from Sony.
Back, the game you never expect from Sony.

It almost seems that with the acquisition of Bethesda and several studios with experience and talent, Microsoft wanted to look outside its walls to find what it was clearly still lacking: the cynical ability to put really excellent games on the table and do it right at the time.

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Halo Infinite is going to be a great title, we are convinced of it, and we hope it exceeds expectations as well. However, we are equally convinced that the Redmond home is fully aware of what happened, the quality control that was missing, the wrong timing and the clearly ineffective direction, and we will make sure that this was their last misstep.

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