The latest signed Grusha Zelda cosplay is the most sensual –

Will E3 2021 finally allow us to see The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2, the much anticipated Nintendo Switch? At the moment we don’t know, but we certainly hope so. Fans of the first chapter are still very attached to Link’s adventures today and can’t wait to learn about this new game. Meanwhile, at least, we have a chance to like Zelda cosplay Known b Grosha, Which introduces a third shot of the princess. It certainly is The most sensual of all.

In fact, Grusha suggested on his Instagram page a couple of pre-shots that we present to you today. Coming from the same collection, the setup and outfit are the same, but this time Grusha decided to put aside some rustic and classic elements, Completely show off the sexiest side of Zelda in this disguise. Grosha also explains that these photos were taken at dawn to take advantage of the intensity of the sun illuminating the woman from the left. The result is incredible.

As mentioned, Grusha suggested this Zelda costume from Breath of the Wild in first shot, heavenly to say the least, and second shot, which is absolutely stunning. Moreover, in the past, the cosplayer has shown that she is not afraid to show herself in the giraudo version.

If you prefer other fantasy genres, like Genshin Impact, Himeahri’s Lisa Cosplay is of great quality. How not to mention Shirogan’s 2B cosplay: It’s sensual and brilliant. Then we close with Ciri Cosplay in the Saiwestwood Sauna: It’s magic.

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What do you think of this third shot by Grosha? Does her Zelda costume from Breath of the Wild continue to convince you, or have you seen other high-quality costumes in the past?

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