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Tokyo: Medical Association opposes the Olympiad

The Tokyo Doctors Association is urging the National Olympic Committee (JOC) to cancel the Olympiad scheduled for this summer, in the face of soaring coronavirus infections and mounting opposition from the population. The call of nearly 6000 doctors from the capital comes less than ten weeks after the games opened, and comes after a similar pleading from the National Union of Japanese Doctors, last week, which the organization of the event considers “impossible” to achieve, only when the fourth wave of the virus passes over the nation in Different regions of the archipelago. The association said in a statement: “Canceling an event that could lead to a significant increase in infection from Covid and disease victims is the right thing to do.” Although the spread of the virus has recorded lower rates than in other countries, with about 11,500 confirmed deaths since the beginning of the epidemic, the vaccination campaign in Japan continues very slowly, due to bureaucratic slow approval of the vaccine, as well as a marked shortage of medical personnel capable of Giving the only vaccine approved to date, the Pfizer vaccine. On the other hand, the organizers announced yesterday that nearly twice the number of people who applied for the 200 positions of sports doctors are required during the Olympics, tasks similar to volunteer work and unpaid work. In this regard, the JOC was criticized in April for requiring 500 nurses from the National Trade Union to be available in anticipation of the sporting event. Meanwhile, to contain the expansion of positivity, the Tokyo government has since last Friday extended the state of emergency to 9 prefectures, including Tokyo, until May 31. In the latest poll by the progressive Asahi Shimbun newspaper, more than 80% of people surveyed in Japan said they are against canceling or postponing the games. The Olympic Opening Ceremony is scheduled to be held on July 23.

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