The latest Lotus heat engine is called Emira

A new car name, four new chassis for future models, a series of technology targets and a new global identity: here’s the ambitious strategy for The future of the lotus.

The goals are part of Vision80, the English company’s plan announced in 2018 that is based on three elements: transforming its business, revolutionizing the model range and improving results every year at least until 2028, when 80 years of the brand name.

Type 131 becomes “Emira”

Starting with the latest novelty, Lotus has announced that the prototype known to date as the Type 131 will be called Emira and will be introduced on July 6. Between July 8 and 11, the Prince will be shown publicly at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Lotus princess

The new Lotus will be equipped with different thermal motors, which will be the brand’s latest product in light of the increasing electrification of the group. The House talks about a “contemporary” design heavily influenced by the Evija supercar (we refer you to our in-depth analysis of the 2,000-hp “monster”) but has not revealed further details.

The four platforms

The prototype will be built on one of the four new Lotus platforms. The brand, in the Chinese Geely orbit, will have exclusive chassis (but it can be shared with other brands of the group such as Volvo and Link & Co) that will differ according to the type of car. One for Mathematical models Prince is also described as flexible, light and made of extruded aluminum.

The A platform for super cars Evija, whose testing has continued relentlessly in recent months in the UK, will be hosting both in the ‘real world’ and in the company’s advanced simulator with development now reaching 80%. After managing the engines and battery, the next steps will cover the driving experience.

building Expensive (communicate “has evolved”), Developed by Geely technicians in English, Chinese, Swedish and German, for models that, according to the manufacturer, will be the brand’s bestsellers. Given the ever-increasing numbers in the luxury SUV segment (see Bentley Bentayga and Lamborghini Urus), we think we’re talking about a high-wheeled Lotus car designed to secure higher sales volumes than sports cars or supercars.

Finally, there’s a platform that’s dedicated to models Electric sports, Or more commonly known as E-sports It was developed in cooperation with Alpine. The developers describe it as flexible and modular and suggest that the Electric Lotus will have the same weight as the petrol model.

Lotus Eviga, development of the electric supercar continues

Lotus Eviga

The cornerstone of the next lotus

The British company says it will always focus on performance, smart technology and sustainability. Basically, the brand will not abandon its sporty stance, but will combine it with various technological solutions in the name of the driving experience and the interface with the car.

In other words, the new models will increasingly focus on entertainment and dialogue between the driver and the car. Moreover, all Lotus cars that will arrive after the princess will be electric only.

To achieve these goals, the brand will fully exploit the potential of the Geely Group by relying on various technical centers and offices around the world. The operating “heart” of Lotus will remain at Hethel, UK, where all new models will be designed, engineered and built.

At the same time, the brand will collaborate with hubs in Wellisborn, Gothenburg, Frankfort, Detroit, Los Angeles and Geely’s headquarters in China.

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Lotus Eviga, development of the electric supercar continues

Lotus Eviga

New identity

Another important aspect of the Lotus relaunch is the brand identity. The image of the new brand will debut in the showroom in Manama, the capital of Bahrain. Here customers will be able to experience a fully digital vehicle buying experience that is available 24 hours a day.

According to Lotus, the flexible selling structure will lend itself to any kind of scenario, be it in a city center or even inside a shopping mall.

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