The latest leak is back to talk about it, and the new trailer has “confirmed” the details –

newly Leaking from starfieldDating back to September, it resurfaced in these hours after the release of the new official trailer dedicated to the game. Some of the information that was first discovered through the trailer confirms some of the details provided by the leak, which subsequently restored its “veracity”.

The leak had mentioned among the various details the fact that the game was to take place in the 1920s 2300. The year that Bethesda confirmed is about 2330, so the leak came close, especially if it referred to the conflict that is the background at the beginning of the game and that will take place in the 1920s. Moreover, the leak mentioned that in the game there is a religious faction, a cult in practice, which believes that Jesus / God came from space exterior. Bethesda asserted that one faction is a religious sect.

Obviously there are two details, which certainly doesn’t make the leak completely credible, but it certainly does make it more interesting. Specifically, the leak states that Starfield will have planets as large as Skyrim: there are even dozens of planets. So the game maps should be many and huge. There will also be a leveling system similar to Fallout 4, but it has been improved.

Starfield Settlement

In Starfield, according to LeakingNot every game will start in the same location but will appear on a different planet or space stations depending on a number of factors. Then a series of improvements are introduced, such as the use of a new display technology, a new system for animation, lighting, etc.

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As always, remember that we’re talking about a leak, so it’s best to regard this information as anything but unconfirmed. We’ll have to find out if future connections to D starfield team You will confirm the details indicated.

We also know that Starfield will contain 150,000 lines of dialogue. Maybe the quality is too much for the developers.

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