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The latest coronavirus news. Australia agrees to unlimited use of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Ippolito (Spallanzani), “Get the vaccination ASAP and continue the color scheme”

“The data arriving from Israel show more every day that the vaccine is effective, the associated symptoms are reduced, hospitalizations and consequently deaths decrease. The same is observed in Italy with the near-complete administration of the vaccine to health care professionals. We need to vaccinate as soon as possible, when you expect Plans, while waiting for our turn to continue caution, which should not be reduced even after vaccination. ” This was stated, in an interview with Corriere della Sera, by Giuseppe Ippolito, scientific director of Spallanzani. “The containment measures required by the variants – says Ippolito – are the same as the original virus, but if it is true, as it appears, that some of these mutations are characterized by greater contagion, then more careful attention will be required in compliance with containment measures. An epidemiological and statistical consideration, a variant that has a 20 percent higher transmissibility and lethality rate as the original strain causes more damage, in terms of hospitalization and mortality, than an alternative with a 50 percent lethality but with the same transmissibility. ” Regarding the function or absence of the color scheme, the director of Spallanzani cites the example of Great Britain, “where the number of infections decreased rapidly with the imposition of the“ red zone ”on the entire nation, and tells us that the system in our country, which classifies measures in regions based on the epidemiological situation, can It works, because it also allows (it is done in Umbria and Alto Adige, for example) to create measures on specific parts of the territory contain measures more restrictive than national ones.

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