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It’s about to end The qualification stage for the Grand Prix of Figure Skating 2022-2023. Indeed, this weekend on the occasion of the last stage in Espoo (Finland), the list of skiers who will travel to PalaVela in Turin to compete in the finals will be officially finalized. As We Know was staged from December 7-11, 2022.

To date, there are still eight commercials available, to be distributed with the necessary variations into the four categories. But what scenarios are still possible? Let’s analyze them in detail, however, and limit ourselves only to the highest possibilities, without going into complex combinations that are actually unreal.

Male individual

Already qualified:

  • Shoma Uno JPN – 30
  • Kao Miura JPN – 26
  • Sota Yamamoto JPN-26
  • Daniel Grasel ITA – 24

In the men’s singles, four of them qualified, namely Shoma Ono (Japan, 30 points), Kao Miura (Japan, 26), Sota Kamamoto (Japan, 26) and Daniel Grassle (Italy, 24). Among those left in contention is the only skater at the moment With a great chance to easily achieve his goal is Ilya Malinin (15 points for now), which ex His win at Skate America would be enough to fly him to Piedmont. But for the last available place, the focus should be on Shun Sato (11 points), who needs to Placement in the first two locations for you to make fun of Adam Xiao his Fa, is currently on the tightrope with 22 points after winning the Grand Prix De France and fifth at the NHK Trophy. The Canadian can also be part of the fight Keegan Messing (9 points), however, he really needs a miracle.

Figure skating, NHK Trophy 2022: Rizzo unlucky on extravagant stage, interesting scenario in dance

female separately

Already qualified:

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  • Kaori Sakamoto JPN – 28
  • Willem Kim Kor – 28
  • Isabeau Levito USA – 26

And in the women’s singles competition, Kaori Sakamoto (Japan, 28 points), Willem Kim (South Korea, 15) and Isabio Levito (USA, 26) are already sure of the final. They stayed So there are still three vacancies: two of those probably occupied by Brilliant Mai Miyahara and Luina Hendricks, the winners in France and Great Britain respectively) and the favorites in Finland. for the third slot It will be a virtual fight between Rinka Watanabe and Anastasia Gubanova. But be careful. If Mihara and Hendrickx take the top two, it will be the Japanese girl entering the Città della Mole because, even if Gubanova takes third, Watanabe It still goes to tiebreakers. Things could change dramatically if Gubanova can conquer first or second place, which is a difficult scenario.

Artist couple

Already qualified:

  • Reiko Miura / Ryuichi Kihara JPN – 30
  • Alexa Knierim / Brandon Fraser USA – 30
  • 28- Diana Stellato Dudek / Maxime Deschamps
  • Emily Chan / Spencer Howe USA – 26
  • Sarah Conti/Niccolò Massi Etta – 24

Much simpler insteadTechnical condition in pairswhere five places were awarded, namely with Riku Miura-Ryuichi Kihara (Japan, 30 points), Alexa Knirim-Brandon Fraser (USA, 30 points), Dean Stellato Dudek-Maxime Deschamps (Canada, 28 points), Emilie Chan- Spencer Howe (USA, 26 points), Sarah Conte, Nicolo Mackie (Italy, 24 points).. In this case, there will be a real confrontation between Rebecca Gilardi, Filippo Ambrosini, and the Georgians Anastasia Metelkina and Daniel Parkman.Both are tied at nine points. The scenario is simple: whoever finishes in front of the other, provided that this happens or is in first place in second place, goes to the final.

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dancing on Ice

Already qualified:

  • Charlene Guinard / Marco Fabbri ITA – 30
  • Laurence Fournier Baudry / Nicholas Sorensen was 28
  • Madison Chuck / Evan Bates USA – 28
  • Lilah Fair / Louis Gibson Britain – 26

It is also not difficult to predict what will happen at the dance. Following Charlene Ginyard-Marco Fabry (Italy, 30 points), Laurence Fournier Baudry-Nicolas Sorensen (Canada, 28 points), Madison Chuck-Evan Bates (USA, 28 points) and Lila Fair-Louis Gibson (UK (26 points). ), given the competition Very favorite Pierre Gilles-Paul Poirier will separate the pass for the final seasonSkate Canada winners, e Caitlin Howick – Jean-Luc BeckerSecond place after Skate America. No other dance team in Espoo stands a real chance of beating these two rivals.

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