The Last of Us Part I will include an Esther egg in the next Naughty Dog game, for fans –

Our last part one It has arrived, and while it is the same game known to fans, it does include some minor tweaks and changes. One of these new capabilities easter egg Which, according to fans, suggests what Next Naughty Dog game.

As you can see below, Naughty Dog Central – which is responsible for gathering news about the development team in California – has shared some Pictures which showcases new artwork found in the first part of The Last of Us.

The images from the first part of The Last of Us show a series of settings, characters and creatures with a clear cut imagination. The images are ruined and in-game screenshots aren’t perfect, but they still let us see that the theme is just that.

Obviously, it’s possible that they don’t make any sense, but according to the players, it will be Teaser from the next game by Naughty Dog. This isn’t the first time, in fact, that a finger has been pointed toward a new fantasy game for Cagnaccis.

Moreover, we remind you that in unknown 3 There was an Easter egg from The Last of Us, a newspaper that talks about a killer mushroom. So it wouldn’t be strange for Naughty Dog to share a teaser for a new IP address inside the previous one.

For now, this is just speculation and it will likely take some time before we find out something about the future Naughty Dog project, which has been officially confirmed. However, the next game for the team will be a multiplayer game set in the universe of The Last of Us.

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