The Last of Us Part I on PC: Naughty Dog announces two patches next week

naughty dog realize it The Last of Us Part I on PC It did not reach the level of quality expected by the fans, as reported by the team itself, and continues to work to try to correct many technical problems discovered in the match, announcing. Two new patches coming next week.

A smaller hotfix is ​​scheduled for Tuesday, which should fix camera glitches when controlling it with a mouse, as well as fix some other crashes and issues, while patching bigger size It is then expected later in the week, with the aim of adjusting other aspects.

Naughty Dog also encourages players to make sure they use the latest drivers For Nvidia, AMD or Intel video cards, first of all. For the rest, “Our team and partners at Iron Galaxy will continue to investigate issues and fix known issues, in order to deliver the great The Last of Us Part I experience everyone has come to expect,” the team tweet read.

Therefore, two more updates are scheduled for the next week, but the impression is that there is still a long way to go, in order to completely solve the problems of The Last of Us Part 1, and in the meantime, the first votes are mixed and some are also strongly negative for the PC version of the game, While the first and then the second patch has already been made available in recent days.

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