The Last of Us Part 1 for PC, Digital Foundry analysis: Disappointing port and issues

The Last of Us Part 1 to Computer is defined Disappointing and problematic port from Digital Foundrywhich just published the highly anticipated technical analysis of the game including an inevitable comparison to the PS5 version.

We start from the known issue with Shading compilationwhich is a very long process capable of putting wizards in difficulty, but with the second patch of The Last of Us Part 1 it has been significantly reduced: the benchmarks given by Alex Battaglia appear 41 minutes before the update, 25 minutes later.

The English editorial team ran the game on different configurations, confirming i Excessively high requirements To make everything work correctly plus the obvious lack of video memory management, which puts all owners of video cards with 8 GB of RAM in great difficulty.

In comparison, it turns out that Max Preset textures match those used on the PS5, but going Ultra doesn’t make any noticeable difference other than VRAM usage. Digital Foundry asserts that with the Max preset you can have a good experience, but focus on processor usage, which is also overrated.

With an AMD Ryzen 3600, this factor greatly affects performance, saturating all CPU cores and producing pronounced drops in frame rates: in short, you need a much more powerful processor than Sony’s console to get the same results and play at a stable 60fps.

In the end, Digital Foundry wrote that the port is a deep disappointment and it’s hard to believe that the developers and publishers weren’t aware of such big problems before the game went on sale. Updates are already coming, but the road to the optimal PC version seems long.

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Here instead is our review of The Last of Us Part 1.

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