The Last of Us 2, playing with Joel instead of Ellie is possible with mod –

Our last 2 It can be played with Joel For most events, Eli replacement With the lovable character in question, so bad that everything is possible only with one modern.

as it seems from YouTuber Attractive 248 In the video below, a long development process leads to the creation and expansion of the particular model in question. Unfortunately, the console mod scene is not entirely simple and open to everyone, which is why this change is likely Limited To Smasher248 himself and a few others.

However, we can see the results: it is clearly one Forcing, Since it is, in fact, a complete replacement of Ellie’s model with that of Joel but without modifying the game’s contents, the story and movie clips may also look somewhat strange, but for fans of the character in question, she can do so anyway with pleasure.

For now, with the change, it is possible to play with Joel in different levels like Eastbrook Elementary and other areas from Day One in Seattle, with loads of possibilities. Change of appearance Character between the various options. Among them, there is also the younger Joel, in line with his appearance from the first movie The Last of Us.

The problem is that you are prof Model replacement, Some of the flaws related to animation in the first place persist, which remain accounted for on Elle’s model and revert to a somewhat strange effect, as the movements are those of the girl, although they are not significantly different from what Joel’s movements could be.

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Meanwhile, it emerged that Naughty Dog is looking for an economical designer for a straightforward service game and many believe it to be a multiplayer mode in The Last of Us 2.

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