The largest storm in the solar system: real video of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

Great video NASA’s Juno probe returns with its data. The Great Red Spot is currently 1.3 times larger than Earth: Bon voyage

This animation takes you on a simulated in-and-out journey From Jupiter’s upper atmosphere at the site of the Great Red Spot. It was created by merging an image from the JunoCam imager onto the space probe Juno NASA with computer-generated animation. The perspective begins 3,000 kilometers above the cloud tops in the planet’s southern hemisphere. The leftmost bar indicates altitude during a rapid descent; The second scale, next to that, depicts the amazing rise in temperature that occurs when it drops. The clouds turn bright red as the video jumps across the Great Red Spot.

Here you find the Juno spacecraft’s spectacular flyby of Jupiter

Some information about Jupiter

Jupiter It is the largest among the eight planets of the solar system. It has a mass about twice that of all the other planets combined. that it gas giantIt is composed primarily of hydrogen and helium with a rocky core likely composed mainly of carbon and silicates. The Jovian atmosphere contains many active phenomena: unstable bands, storms (caused by the thermal movement of moist air in the atmosphere), cyclones, anticyclones and lightning. It has 79 natural satellites of which we remember the four Galileans as the most important: Me, Europa, Callisto, and Ganymede. It also has a circular system that was discovered in 1979 by spacecraft Voyager 1 After Saturn and Uranus: they consist mainly of dust, presumably silicate. Jupiter and Saturn could easily be defined as the guardians of the Earth: in fact, thanks to their joint action, most of the asteroids are expelled from Solar System, gives peace to our land. Moreover, Jupiter’s gravitational field acts as a brake in the case of objects penetrating the inner solar system: this has allowed asteroids and comets to release water and compounds useful for the development of life, which were especially essential in past eras. In its turbulent atmosphere there are huge storms including the Great Red Spot.

source: NASAAnd Cover image credit

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