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The largest mobile wildlife care hospital has been established in Australia

A mobile hospital just for them: Australia’s largest mobile wildlife aid center is open to nurture the enormous wildlife heritage in Oceania. Will be managed by Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital It can be moved to any wildlife crisis hotspot.

Good news for animals that have suffered from the tragedy of last summer’s fires in Australia: This facility, the largest mobile hospital, can be brought into any animal crisis unit to treat, rehabilitate and care for local animals in distress. Which – we remember – is a unique heritage in the world with many species living exclusively in the great nation of Oceania.

Directors write that the mobile hospital is completely self-sufficient for (solar) energy, satellite communications, water supply and waste storage, and is equipped with the latest veterinary equipment.

If we think about what happened a year ago when the fire season caused in The death of a large number of animalsThis news ignites hope that another catastrophe, unfortunately if it occurs again, can now be stopped (Read also: Australia fires: 3 billion animals killed or displaced, 3 times more than expected).

“We were hit by disastrous fires last summer and we realized that something similar was needed More urgent than ever – says Stephen Van Mill, founder and CEO of Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital – seeing dozens of wounded koalas sitting in laundry baskets waiting for treatment was Heartbreaking“.

Thus, thanks to a funding contribution from the WWF, the facility purchased the latest x-ray machines, ultrasound scanners, endoscopy and anesthesia, intensive care cages and a rapid test kit for chlamydia in koalas.

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A mobile hospital, the size of a semi-trailer, can truly represent the salvation of wildlife that has been strained by fires (another dry season is underway in the land of kangaroos and koalas) but also other threats. According to the founders, in fact, for many affected animals, the immediate and high-level treatment they would get from this futuristic structure would really make The difference between life and death.

“Within minutes of arrival, we have a team of experienced veterinarians He will heal wounds and give painkillers and medicines – Brie Talbot, Chief Veterinary Officer at Byron Bay Foundation explains to WWF Australia – This means that we can begin treatment before serious clinical signs appear, such as infection or dehydration.

Could a new season of life really begin in Australia?

Reference Sources: WWF Australia / Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital

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