The Kojima title was a huge hit for Sony?

Most recently, LinkedIn profile of Michael Mumbauer, A former studio head and senior director of visual arts at Worldwide Studios, attracted the attention and curiosity of the audience.

In describing his work with a family Sony’s First Party Studios, The professional confirmed that he built a new development team based in San Diego from scratch. The latter, for the time being is still somewhat ambiguous and not officially presented, will be worked on Action Adventure related to already known IP, A definition returned to refer to a new Uncharted. But not just that: even the extra details in Michael Mumbauer’s profile sparked community interest.

Specifically, it is a file Adjoins Death Stranding a God of WarAnd the The last part of us 2 e Marvel’s Spider-Man As a very successful title for Sony. In profile LinkedinThe professional writes about himself:Thank you In his search for real-time storytelling techniques in the areas of digital photorealistic characters, real-time cinematography, advanced capture performances and cinematic-quality animations such as Uncharted, God of War and The Last of Us, Marvel’s Spider-Man and Death Stranding recorded Record sales and global recognition for SonyUnfortunately, the statement, while interesting, does not provide details of Death Stranding’s sales numbers, which have not been publicly disclosed.

For now, we remember, Kojima Productions is developing a new gameOfficially being developed.

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