The jackpot is smashed, the number is amazing: where did they win

As difficult as it may be, winning the jackpot is possible! The last draw took place on Tuesday 27th September 2022 and the prize pool has reached really impressive numbers.

Who feels lucky? The EuroJackpot prize pool amounts to more than 900 thousand euros. It is definitely not a small amount and winning it will allow a drastic change in the life of the lucky person and his family.

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How does EuroJackpot work

EuroJackpot reached the 65th draw of 2022, which was held on September 27, 2022. This game is nothing more than a large European lottery launched in March 2012 and includes a large number of players from all countries that joined the game.

Draws are conducted live, in real time, so that all participants can view them.

Participation rules are very simple, in fact the game is very similar to the Italian superenalotto, each new participant will have to choose some number on the ticket that he “feels lucky” to tick and wait for the draw.

The numbers to choose are 5 and they must include numbers from 1 to 50, then you will have to choose two more numbers, called Euronumbers, ranging from 1 to 12.

The huge winnings promised and offered by EuroJackpot can depend on these choices, which can be viewed at the end of the article or by visiting the official website, where it is also possible to find all kinds of information related to this beloved European game.

Players can pick numbers using their favourites, select the usual numbers, they can let go of instinct or even let the station pick with the “QuickPick” option, avoiding any kind of hesitation and relying entirely on fate.

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Watch the draw for Thursday, September 29th on Lotto, Superenalotto, Simbolotto, 10 and Lotto Click here

How do you win?

To win, you will need to get the numbers in 12 winning categories correctly:

  • Points 5 + 2: If you guess all 5 numbers of the drawn combination plus 2 Euronumbers
  • Points 5 + 1: If you guess all 5 numbers of the drawn combination plus 1 euro
  • Dots 5 + 0: If you guess 5 numbers out of the five drawn
  • Points 4 + 2: If you guess 4 numbers from the five drawn plus 2 from the euro numbers
  • Points 4 + 1: If you guess 4 numbers out of the five drawn plus 1 euro
  • Dots 4 + 0: If you guess 4 numbers out of the five drawn
  • Points 3 + 2: If you guess there are 3 of the 5 numbers drawn plus 2 of the Euro numbers
  • Points 2 + 2: If you guess 2 of the 5 numbers drawn plus 2 of the euro numbers
  • Points 3 + 1: If you guess there are 3 of the 5 numbers drawn plus 1 euro number
  • Dots 3 + 0: If you guess 3 numbers out of the five drawn
  • Points 1 + 2: If you guess one of the five drawn plus 2 of the euro numbers
  • Points 2 + 1: If you guess two of the five numbers drawn plus one euro number

The winning combination of EuroJackpot Draw #65 on 9/27/2022 was: 15-23-26-31-44 with Euronumbers 1-8.

Here are the possibilities currently in competition:

eurojackpot -
eurojackpot –

In the event that you want to play more than once, on the official website it is indicated that you can make up to 32,767 combinations, and if you wish, you can create a subscription in which the same game is repeated up to 10 times. The cost of one ticket is always equal to 2 euros.

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The next drawing is scheduled for Friday 30 September 2022 and it will be possible to play in several European countries, more specifically in: Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Finland (where the draw takes place at 20:30), Slovenia, Estonia, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Croatia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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