The Inspector Gadget is not on Xbox because Microids has doubts about the order, which causes a discussion

A few weeks ago it was announced Inspector Gadget – Mad Time Partya new game from the popular animated series that is set to appear All platforms except Xboxan option driven by Microids’ insecurities about request from users From this console and that sparked a certain discussion on Twitter.

Announced at the end of April, it is clear that Inspector Gadget – Mad Time Party is not really a title with enormous weight in the gaming scene, but the situation can be important, also because of an association of this type, until a while it found itself without problems On all possible platforms. In response to a user’s request on Twitter, the official Microids account reported that “If the request is strong enough, we will consider distributing the game on Xbox”.

It’s a rather strange phrase for a game like this, because it means the publisher likely won’t see do not earn, or even a potential loss, in the distribution of Inspector Gadget – Mad Time Party on Xbox One or Xbox Series X | S, although both systems count (in the absence of official data) over 50 million units placed in total.

“This is where we are now with the Xbox platform, the developers think so Not widespread enough “It’s Windows Phone mode again,” Jez Corden wrote, quoting the French publisher’s message, to which Corden replied, “Scary.”

Being a French publisher, it is possible that the local situation influenced the decision, given the clear dominance of PlayStation in this region and in Europe in general, however, Inspector Gadget is a fairly global brand, and therefore the decision is still strange, different from What we see often for Japanese stocks.

This of course brought the question back to the surface again Xbox Game Pass and game sales, arguing that these would have suffered a sharp decline due to the service and that developers are now more inclined to seek an agreement with Microsoft to release titles in that catalog than to release them in a standard way. Anyway, if nothing else, it generated a lot of interest and a long discussion online, prompting Microids to report that they’ve noticed the many responses and want to assess the situation.

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