The infinite Tony Cairoli, is the victory of the ninety-third world

Tony Cairoli, 35, won the UK Grand Prix by dominating race 1 and finishing third in the second challenge behind Gajser and Febvre. The MX2 Super Mattia Guadagnini

Infinite Tony Cairoli! At the age of 35, a very advanced age in a grueling and grueling discipline like motocross, the Sicilian champion won the UK GP, the second stage of the MXGP World Championship. It’s a stunning 93rd victory in the palm that also boasts nine world titles. Only Belgian Stefan Everts has won more than a dozen off-road titles. On the Matterly Basin fast track, Tony Cairoli dominated the first heat (here’s the news and video). To win the Grand Prix, it was enough for him to finish third in the second race. And at the end of an amazing head-to-head confrontation, Slovenian Tim Gajser (Honda) beat Frenchman Romain Vivre (Kawasaki).

The hero is in control

In the first challenge, Cairoli had created a void, taking the reins of the race after a few corners. In the second, he started well again, but at the bottom he became even more treacherous with the skin of the rain, finding greater resistance from the most fearsome opponents. In the first stage, Tony also finished fifth and then climbed to third, behind Tim Gajser, Honda’s current HRC official, and Roman February. In the final minutes, he preferred to control the situation, letting the other two play him at odds until the end.

Cairoli climbs the slope

Gajser maintains the lead in the World Cup with 93 points. He is chased by Dutchman Jeffrey Herlings (78 years) and Roman February 73. Tony Cairoli regained fourth place with 65 points. Retiring the Sicilian in Race 2 at the opening of Orlyonok (Russia) weighs like a rock due to a petty crash while in second place with an unfortunate failure of the clutch lever (video here). With those 22 points lost, Cairoli will be far from top of the championship. But the important thing at the moment is to find him at the start of his 18th season in perfect condition: the “old man” is still very fast!

Mattia Guadagnini wins at MX2

The spectacular day of Italian motocross was decorated with the success of Mattia Guadagnini in MX2, the dedicated U-23 World Championship. At just 19 years old, the rising star from Bassano del Grappa signed his first world success with KTM, bending in race number 2 French Maxime Renaux, but winning the UK GP thanks to the success of his first race. In this circumstance, Guadagnini took fourth place. Guadagnini climbs to fourth place in the championship with 66 points. In the Spanish leadership Ruben Fernandez (Honda) 79 points. Have we finally discovered a potential heir to Tony Cairoli?

In two weeks, we’re racing in Maggiora

MXGP is on the cusp of landing in Italy for the first time in 2021 amid a flurry of enthusiasm for newfound Tioni Cairoli. In a couple of weeks we will be back to racing at Maggiora, a historic facility in northern Italy that for decades has been the stage for the incredible accomplishments of our motocross champions. It will be a weekend not to be missed!

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