The infection has spread in the past hours, there are those who are requesting a new comment

The situation in America seems to be getting significantly worse after last week’s positivity. Between canceled training sessions and postponed matches.

Covid-19 is back to scare the NBA giants. With the Omicron variant coming out decisively in the US (it is currently estimated to be at a base of about 3% of all infections) and the former (unnamed) player affected by the latter, The numbers are starting to worry again. After the outbreak of the Chicago Bulls with the suspension of ball games and its partners against the Pistons at night between Tuesday and Wednesday and against the Raptors tonight, the situation at the Brooklyn Nets stadium that affected 7 players quickly resorted to from the supplemental signatures allowed by the NBA protocol to replace the unavailable newsTraining canceled by the Sacramento Kings. Which, according to Adrian Wojnarowski, raised a big question mark in Friday’s game against the Memphis Grizzlies due to the positiveness of coach Gentry and players Marvin Bagley and Terence Davis. at the same time, The Raptors have already decided to reduce Air Canada Center capacity by 50%..

97% of players are currently vaccinated and about 200 of them have already undergone the third dose. But, as has been said and reiterated, vaccination does not exclude the possibility of infection and transmission of the virus, while practically eliminating its strength and reducing its risks. And so, at this moment, The number of positives has doubled compared to just 5 days ago, with the excellent last name of Giannis Antetokounmpo, the best player in the last finals, among the 60 in the protocol that entered 43 of them in the past two weeks, who joined another MVP such as James Harden. All this is also the result of a slightly loosening of the league’s grip on controls, it is no longer daily in the case of fully vaccinated lists, but only occurs in the case of infection or para-flu symptoms, and thus can be superimposed on those of covid-19. This is why the NBA and NBPA, already yesterday evening, hinted that they are ready for new pressure on tests and buffers, to avoid falling back into the collective suspension system – even with a calendar designed with a special slot for potential races to recover – once again that would risk upset.

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at the same time, There are those who are already asking for the season to be suspended before the situation gets out of hand again And with Christmas Day approaching, which has always been the leader in the NBA calendar, who risks becoming a player outside of various protocols, bearing in mind that the positivity that has emerged recently will lead to more injuries in the coming days as happened for the Nets, in Reality “hit” shortly after the Bulls had already faced positive players. Another hot potato to be delivered in these hours is in the hands of Commissioner Silver, who is once again struggling with tough calendar jams, television rights, millions of dollars at stake and the league’s health to protect.

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