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The infamous “crazy worms” are invading the United States: Scientists are concerned

The United States has certainly seen many creatures “invade” its lands: from so-called “killer wasps” to the skin-eating fungi that threaten to kill a salamander. Well the experts have to worry again, as I am found in at least 15 states “Crazy worms” of the genus Amynthas.

These worms are similar to common earthworms, but are smaller and darker in color. There is a small problem with these creatures: They reproduce quickly, without companions and They devour the nutrients in the soil around them. The nutrient-depleted soil erodes rapidly, leaving little sustenance for native plants or other types of worms and fungi.

One of the things we observed is that these earthworms not only change the soil structure and nutrient dynamics of the latter, but somehow they replace other species of earthworms that already exist.Said Brad Herrick, an ecologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

These creatures dominated the United States in the nineteenth century, and made their way through ships carrying some plants. However It is unclear how, exactly, these worms continue to circulate throughout the country. Researchers are currently still studying the long-term effects of these highly invasive worms on the forests of North America, but they are clearly harmful to other organisms that live there.

Currently There is no way to control its spread In the forests in which they have already spread.

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