The increase in infection requires an ongoing plan. Simg . Ten Commandments Arrival


Covid: An increase in infections requires a continuous plan.  Simg . Ten Commandments Arrival

The incidence of COVID-19 cases is rising across the country under the pressure of the now dominant Omicron 5. The vaccination carried out in recent months protects most of the population from serious disease and hospitalization, but not always from infection with this new type. To deal with this particular stage, the Italian Society of General Medicine and Primary Care is assessing the situation and preparing a useful handbook for doctors and citizens.

“The virus, now endemic, shouldn’t frighten most people – he explains Ignatius Gratagliano Coordinator of Simg Covid-19 activity – At the same time, SARS-CoV-2 infection still requires maximum attention to the most vulnerable subjects (the elderly, immunosuppressed, with multiple diseases …)”.

For Grattagliano, the plan to combat COVID must be constantly present in the daily activity of public medicine, and this does not fail to consider a series of points that are useful for doctors and all citizens.

Here are the Ten Commandments
1- Receiving patients in the clinic as much as possible based on a schedule.
2- Avoid crowding in waiting rooms.
3- Carrying out home visits and entering residential buildings only for cases that cannot be postponed.
4- Suspicion of a COVID case whenever a customer reports relevant symptoms and requests a verification swab.
5- Avoid direct contact with infected patients who can be managed and followed up remotely over the phone.
6- Maintain a safe distance from patients and visit them with appropriate personal protective equipment (gloves, FFP2 masks, goggles/mask).
7- Disinfection of hands and tools after every medical examination.
8- In the event of a symptomatic carrier of the virus, immediately assess its susceptibility and, if necessary, start prescribing specific treatment (antivirals and monoclonal antibodies) as soon as possible.
9- In the patient avoid inappropriate use of medications such as antibiotics, LMWH, cortisone medications, oxygen therapy.
10- Strengthening the vaccination of fragile materials in particular.

“Variables will continue to be identified, isolated and studied – concludes the professor. Claudio CriselliPresident Simg – COVID vaccines and updated anti-monoclonal therapies are being tested, which will be added to already available treatments and should be used exclusively by our GPs. The action plan must first and foremost provide assistance centers and their staff, meeting places, transportation and community centers. Meanwhile, SARS-CoV-2 is now a common population in our private spaces.”

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