The increase in cancer cases is alarming: a veritable ‘epidemic’

Recently the ISS I reported the news We are dealing with a real one Cancer “epidemic”. In our country: in 2022, in Italy, 390,700 new cases of cancer are estimated (in 2020 it was 376,600), 205,000 in men and 185,700 in women, with an increase of 14,100 cases in two years.

Knowing that one in two men and one in three women are already destined to receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime, only the news can alert us in addition to. The reasons for all this are set forth in lifestyles Increasingly incorrect given that 33% of adults are overweight, 10% are obese, 24% are smokers and people who do not exercise increased from 23% in 2008 to 31% in 2021. And certainly stop activities Regular diagnoses, surgical interventions and treatments contributed to the outcome of the epidemic Intensify This balance, but also the forced sedentary lifestyle that we have been forced into with the prolonged lockdown, has certainly not helped our physical and mental health.

We all remember the surreal scenes of the lone runner on the seashore chased by the police or the canoeist chased by the drone and for this reason he was fined so heavily: perhaps after two years, self-criticism by the health authorities also on the rules would be desirable .

However, another possible risk factor, which is ignored by the media, but which is increasingly present in the scientific literature, is the possible causal role of mRNA vaccines At the onset and/or progression of tumor forms.

The use of mRNA vaccines in the context of infectious diseases It has no precedent And there are still many unknowns around him, Because it is not clear From which cells of the body, after pollination, is the spike protein produced, how much it is produced, how long and where it is distributed. However, the spike protein induced by the vaccine has been shown to have a pro-inflammatory effect and can interact with it complex biological functions of the organism, in particular by interfering with the production of cytokines, immune system modifiers. Let’s not forget that these products have not been tested for genotoxicity or carcinogenicity and we know nothing about their long-term effects.

In fact they are both published New appearances what about Fast forward Of the tumors already in a very short time after the vaccine, but more importantly the business of i Possible mechanisms The basis of all this.

Obviously this is a very complex topic, but again the immune system of the host will be involved which, if abnormally stimulated with repeated immunizations, will lose its efficiency. In particular, the immune surveillance towards tumor cells may be altered after interferon production is reduced, but there will also be an exaggerated amplification. growth factor production (TGFbeta), a substance capable of stimulating already differentiated cells, a “Retreat” Towards a mesenchymal state (the state appropriate for the early stages of embryonic life), with the ability to spread and increase biological aggressiveness.

Of course, as stated In this article: “We must carefully watch the long-term consequences of these vaccines, especially when they are administered to healthy individuals,” he added — finally opening up a scientific debate worthy of the name.

Unfortunately, the Censorship Of every discordant sound, even if it was reliable, was recorded during these two years something unheard of and not useful to science and even less to health; As it is written in the article in fact: “Censorship can be opposing or alternative opinions and viewpoints harmful to the public, particularly in crisis situations such as pandemics which are characterized by great uncertainty, where important perspectives, information and scientific evidence can be lost.”

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