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Sana Marine

Bold new look for Sana Marine. The Finnish Prime Minister has shown herself on several Instagram stories in somewhat of a rock outfit. Occasion? Flow Festival in Helsinki. For Finland it is actually the most important musical event in the capital. A few weeks ago, the Prime Minister appeared in a leather jacket, shorts and amphibians at the Ruisrok Festival, three days of music in Turku. Today, however, Marin preferred to show off embroidered dress In gray, not forgetting our beloved amphibians.

La Marine, at 36, is the youngest prime minister ever. So beloved of her country that under her photos there are comments such as: “We have the coolest prime minister”, “Can he rule forever?” , or: “It’s the best premiere in the worldIt is no coincidence that her huge popularity led her to win the cover of Time in 2021 among the 100 most influential people.

She was also the prime minister who brought about dramatic change in Finland by abandoning neutrality. Indeed, Marine Application to join NATOwith a clear anti-Russian stance and in favor of Ukraine and the West in general, and won another support in his country.

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