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The Royal Mint, the United Kingdom’s mint, issued the first pounds containing a statue of King Charles III. The face of the new ruler has been reproduced by British sculptor Martin Jennings.

Source: Royal Family UK Fan (Twitter)

Source: Royal Family UK Fan (Twitter)

A new king, a new era, and New UK Coins. there Royal MintThe national authority responsible for minting the kingdom’s coins has unveiled the first pieces with the effigy of His Majesty King Charles III, the successor to Queen Elizabeth II: a 5-pound coin and a 50-pence coin. They will be part of a set of commemorative coins in honor of the deceased ruler.

“We have been minting coins of the British monarchy for over 1,100 years and it has been our pride and privilege to mint every British coin from the 70-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II. It is our honor now to engrave the first effigy of His Majesty King Charles III of the Kingdom United on a set of coins in honor of his mother’s life and legacy,” says a note posted on the Royal Mint’s website.

By tradition, the image of the king is facing left, in the opposite direction to the image of his mother facing right. The statue of Charles III was made by hand Martin Jenningsthe British sculptor famous in the motherland for his representation of the great Anglo-Saxon writers and poets: from the statue of John Bettmann at St Pancras Station in London, to the statue of Charles Dickens in central Portsmouth, not to mention the monument dedicated to George Orwell in front of the “BBC Broadcasting House” (also in capital of the kingdom).

Jennings himself commented on his latest artistic creation: “It is the smallest work I have ever created. But the reproduction of this face will be looked upon and held by people from all over the world for centuries to come.” according to what Mirrorthe statue was approved directly by the new king himself.

The King’s face was reproduced based on a recently taken photo, which reproduces him at his current age of 73. A small curiosity: in the new coins the king does not wear the crown, as it happened instead with previous rulers.

“King Charles III, by God’s grace, defender of the faith,” are the words engraved around the new king’s doll. On the reverse of the 5-pound coin is the face of Elizabeth II, while on the “B side” of the 50 pence the four emblems of the original nation are depicted: a rose, thistle, a clover and a leek.

According to what is still being announced on the Royal Mint website, 50 pence coins bearing the face of Charles III will be in circulation. By the end of 2022. The drawings depicting Queen Elizabeth II will remain valid: there are about 27 billion in circulation and will gradually be replaced. At the beginning of 2023, the Royal Mint will also begin minting other coins with the image of the new king, from 1 pence to 2 pounds.

Source: Function Group Limited (Twitter)

Source: Function Group Limited (Twitter)

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