The Iliad shuts down the networks to save: Where is it happening

Iliad surprises us with an initiative aimed at reducing electricity costs. The first tests took place in France, possibly pending its expansion to Italy as well.

Increased energy costs problem, not only for us as citizens but also for businesses, in particular, For network-related service providers, such as the Iliad. to counteract increases, Many operators are considering raising tariffs as well intended for users, while the Iliad is considering an alternative method.

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Contrary to the current, the French group does not want to increase costs for users, on the contrary, it proposes an interesting alternative: Network shutdowns at night. Let’s see what it is and what effect it will have.

Iliad tests in France, do they work?

The French telecom company offers not only Mobile and fixed services but also Internet access and hosting services. To keep pace with increases in energy costs, the group is testing it The night shutdown of its networks in France.

shutdown event From 00:00 to 06:00while keeping the total 46,000 cells in the 2600MHz band are inactive. This allows one shorthand noticeable Of the consumption is about 5% and 10%. In each case, the cells were programmed for run again In complete autonomy, in case of need or high traffic. On the other hand, if there is no high demand during the night from the users, the cells will remain closed.

The cells on standby on which the test was performed are:

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  • Those 3G and 4G with 2100MHz band.
  • Those 5G and 3.5 GHZ band.
  • Those 3G and 4G with 700MHz band.

at the moment It is not known if the experience will be repeated in Italy as wellWhere is the Italian branch of the French group, Iliad Italy. In any case, this remains a creative and useful initiative that should be taken into account, rather than increasing rates for users, as other operators are thinking of doing.

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