The Iliad is in trouble: One of its commercials is officially banned

One of the major websites of the Iliad has been officially blocked by the Advertising Self-Regulatory Institute. this is the reason

One of the major websites promoted by Iliad (Adobe Stock) is officially blocked

bad news for The Iliad. The phone company continues to travel with mind-boggling numbers, and it is constantly growing also and above all thanks to its constant low cost promotions. The commercials have certainly fueled this phenomenon Marketing campaignOn social media and on TV.

Precisely in this sense, there is bad news for the company. Institute of Self-Regulatory Advertising I actually decided to Officially spot removal Because it was considered misleading ads. The International Association of Prosecutors has expressed its opinion on this matter at the request of WindTre Specifically, the decision relates to which party 96% customer satisfaction.

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The Iliad, withholding an ad: Reveal the cause

As mentioned above, Institute of Self-Regulatory Advertising He decided to ban and officially remove one of the major commercials of Iliad, which discusses how satisfied he is 96% of customers. All after a complaint from WindTre: “Why do you tell us stories? With 96% of satisfied users and an offer at € 7.99, the truth is enough!As reported by the IAP, the sentence in question is in violation of Article 2 of the Corporate Governance Code. There is talk of misleading advertising.

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Commercial communication should avoid any advertisement and representation likely to mislead consumers. In evaluating the deception of business communication, the average consumer of the reference group is taken as a parameterThe article reads. The data referred to by the Iliad came from a survey conducted by IPSOS From 9 to 12 August 2021 On a sample of 3000 clients. In fact, another ILIAD ad was actually banned in 2019 for a very similar reason.

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