The Iliad is down, network problems have been reported across Italy-

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Several reports of phone line and Internet service malfunctions for Italian subscribers. Company: “Problems in Limited Areas.”

On site downdetector.itWhich monitors outages and reports problems related to internet and phone networks, reported The climax of the discontinuities of the Iliad, Slightly distributed throughout the peninsula. From Milan to Naples, and from Turin to Bologna, it seems that the phone network of the French operator has not been working since noon on Thursday, October 21.

On social networks, you can already see some posts complaining about network problems, between those who cannot use wifi at home and those who cannot get a line with their cell phones. On the other hand, other users cannot access their personal page, while others still do not access the site. The company made it clear “This is a damage that affects a very small number of users, On limited areas, they are already under observation and a solution.” So it won’t be ‘down’ extended Like the one that happened just a few weeks ago for all social networks From the Facebook group.

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