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More than three years after its release, The Iliad continues to propose its offeringsAnd the Including the latest with 120 GB per month of data traffic also 5GAnd the Only for new customers. On social media, users continue to ask questions about the possibility of an upgrade, and customer service has responded again.

The ability to change their mobile network offerings was with one of the operator’s subsequent business proposals Already announced in a press release on July 26, 2018With which Iliad also announced the launch of the Giga-40 launcher.

to date, After almost 3 years, existing customers are still unable to switch to new operator offerings, But often on Iliad’s social channels it is possible to read comments from users requesting to be able to replace their initial offer (eg 30 or 40 GB per month of data traffic) with a newer one, like the new offer with 120 GB at 5G.

Facebook customer service recently responded to some customers by informing them of this The exchange function offered will be in the works.

In the past few days alone, in response to many comments, customer service reported the following statement: “Hey, the possibility to change the view of the Iliad is a feature we are working on. Keep following us. Thank you Iliad team.”

An example of the response of the Iliad team.

As reported exclusively in reply messages, the launcher will work accordingly Ensure availability of new offers العروض Also for existing customers by changing the offer.

However, it should be noted that A similar response had already come several months ago, Also in September 2020On the occasion of the launch of the Iliad Flash 100, many users who asked to replace their display received the following response: “It is not yet possible to move from one show to another, but we are working on it.”

In short, in the absence of other official positions of the Iliad on the matter, the mere response of customer service on social channels does not seem sufficient to determine the actual perception of the Iliad. Property Long awaited by customers already. Moreover, in other cases, customer service responds differently, simply to report that the offer has not been upgraded and to invite customers to activate a new SIM with the new one. Flash 120.

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Please note that it is provided at Iliad Express and Iliad Point Sister Presents Iliad Giga 120Currently, there is no marketing deadline.

Below is an example The second answer The Iliad team (which runs the player’s social media pages) have introduced it to some customers in the past few days. Both answers given as examples date back to today, June 28, 2021.

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In this case, the Iliad team simply claims that the show hasn’t been promoted.

Anyway, at the moment with Iliad, new offers are still available Only for new customers, including those that provide access to the operator’s 5G network, which was launched on December 22, 2020 and can only be used with the latest tariff options.

By doing so, customers already activated in the previous months, regardless of region of residence, can try the 5G network from Iliad, only by activating a new SIM card with compatible 5G offerings. In this regard, please note that This month the Codacons warned the Iliad Precisely because of the impossibility of changing the display.

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