The iCloud account of Hunter Biden, son of the President of the United States has been hacked

4chan user claims to be I managed to break into Hunter Biden’s iCloud accountThe second son of the President of the United States. It was going to take out 450GB of data – history, messages, videos, photos – some of which has already been shared in the form of screenshots. At the moment, the authenticity of the published information has not yet been confirmed.

Screenshots of the alleged data leak from Hunter Biden’s iCloud account. Source: 4chan, /pol/

4Chan users take a look at the offline backup for iPhone and iPad from Biden. The screenshots posted contain an exchange of Text messages, lists of used passwords, and personal records – Including details of the president’s son’s pornography habits. Information about the alleged leak is being shared on the 4chan board called /pol/, for short”politically incorrectfamous for giving space to conservative content, far-right and conspiracy theories.

US intelligence said yesterday To be aware of a possible leak. “We are currently unable to provide public comment about potential investigative actions, but I can assure you that the Secret Service, along with other federal law enforcement partners, is aware of social media posts and statements that refer to Mr. Biden,” a services spokesperson said.

This is not the first time that Hunter Biden has He ends up in the middle of a scandal linked to his online activities. In 2020 the tabloid New York Post Spread a scoop based on the contents of a PC – that’s from a file repair shop In Delaware, you’ll pass to New York Magazine, passing attorney Rudy Giuliani – who appears to belong to Biden. Some of the leaked emails relate to ties the then-Vice President’s son had with a Ukrainian company accused of corruption, as well as with a Chinese businessman suspected of fraud.

The story reported by the tabloid has been Many journalistic credibility issues — so much so that a reporter who worked on it refused to sign it in his own name — but it energized supporters of Trump and the American right, eager to prove the Biden family’s corruption one step away from the presidential election. For a while, Facebook and Twitter limited the spread of the story New York Post. In March of this year The New York Times and the Washington Post They were able to check The authenticity of some of the emails received in the computer, even if the majority of the information leaked on that occasion remains unconfirmed. At the moment aFederal investigation On Hunter Biden’s business activities abroad Still in progress.

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