The Hungarian government wants to advertise in European newspapers

In recent days the Hungarian government I bought Advertisement pages in various conservative European newspapers criticize the European Union and explain what he calls “Hungary’s proposals” for the union’s future. The purchase of the ad pages came in response to the criticism that Hungary received in the past two weeks after agreeing to disputed law القانون which prohibits dealing with issues related to homosexuality in public contexts frequented by minors. Against this law, representatives of 14 EU member states, including Italy, They signed Joint condemnation document.

The advertising pages, with the logo of the Hungarian government at the top and the signature of Prime Minister Viktor Orban at the bottom, list some points that, according to Hungary, must be followed to improve the European Union: among other things they are said to “in Brussels want to build a superpower that no one has authorized”; that integration is “a means and not an end” and that the goal of a “closer union of the peoples of Europe” should be omitted from the EU treaties; that decisions should be made by elected parliamentarians “and not by NGOs”; that Serbia must be accepted as a member of the union, and that the main challenges for the next decade will be “mass migration and epidemics”.

The page was published on Saturday, June 26 in the Spanish newspaper ABC And the Danish Jyllands-PostenAnd on Tuesday, June 29, on the French Le Figaro.

Only two Belgian newspapers decided, as far as is known, not to publish advertisements from the Hungarian government: Standard, in Dutch, e No Libre Belgium, in French.

No Libre Belgium He explained From not being able to accept that the government can support bogus things simply by paying and thus evading filter press. Standard Reply to the Hungarian government with a full page of the newspaper Occupied by the rainbow flag, the LGBT+ community symbol, with the colors of the Hungarian flag in the middle and this writing:

Dear Viktor Urban, Laws must never distinguish between forms of love

Standard also posted editorial Signed by Editor-in-Chief Karel Verhoeven in which it is said that “it is very ironic that space in a newspaper has been sold to a government leader who has restricted press freedom in his country. A law passed by the Hungarian Parliament two weeks ago confirms this irony. It blocks information for young people about homosexuality and also limits Expressing homosexuality and transsexualism in the public space.

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