The household trick that changes your life, does not cause you more problems

When it comes to internet and fiber, it often makes you smile (not cry). Yes, because ever since we started talking about fiber, even in big cities, it’s almost a mirage to be able to seriously get a fiber optic connection right inside the home.

Indeed, in most cases, operators, on their sites, set up control services for checking coverage, which in almost all cases gave negative results. And in the event that there was a positive result, they gave a result of the so-called FTTC, or fiber-optic cabinet, which is only fiber-optic service up to the adjacent telephone exchange and then copper to the house.

Going online: the house trick that changes your life, doesn't cause you more problems
Optical fiber – mobile phones

And if this disturbance is very frequent in large cities, not to mention in remote places in Italy, for example in the mountains, where the fiber certainly does not reach, or at least reaches in FTTT mode, or the fiber to the tower. But a good solution was found for this too

Radio waves and a SIM card for an almost perfect connection

Certainly, there is a long delay in resolving the issue “the basic” It means that the connection was implemented in both 4G and 5G, so much so that now with a good subscription of a mobile operator, a fairly powerful modem, and exploitation of radio waves, it is possible to have a fairly satisfactory connection at home.

This type of communication technology is called Fixed Wireless (FWA), This is to deliver a well-functioning internet connection to homes not using copper cables or fiber optics but using radio waves.

Radio waves - 20220925
Radio waves –

fiber called FTTT For example, it can be considered an integral part of this type of communication, then there are wireless links that carry a single, single-focal signal up to a main tower from which the signal is then routed to individual houses that will nevertheless have a special signal antenna installed and routers connected modem for this.

This FWA technology is not new, and several operators have already proposed FWA plans for some time (Fastweb, TIM, Tiscali, Linkem, Vodafone, Eolo) but In the coming years we will see an exponential increase in offerings thanks to even greater 5G capacity.

In fact, 5G is very important for the performance it delivers, including download/upload speeds that can exceed those of a Gigabit FTTH fiber network. In addition to, The fixed wireless solution will be on 5G In remote areas that are not covered by optical fibers, such as mountainous areas where fiber does not reach.

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