“The hotel in Courmayeur is only open to it, it’s hideous!”

Gigi Moncalvo, La Veretta journalist, spoke on Radio Punto Novo during the Punto Novo sports show: “Cristiano Ronaldo? He can’t let his girlfriend’s 27th birthday go unnoticed. Then it happens that people get angry. We are just human. We should watch the quarantine, but what about it? I wanted to book a room in the same hotel in Courmayeur, but this hotel is closed.” They opened him on purpose. Then there are the videos: There is a ski instructor shouting “Welcome to these parts”, knowing he’s in violation of regulations. And when Ronaldo moves, the caravan moves in what appears to be the President of the United States. The cops and traffic police should have intervened. Immediately.Ronaldo cannot be punished for any reason: because the rating should interfere with attendance. It’s ugly. And now the hotel risks getting involved because it is closed until February 18. There are also invited friends, as shown in the tamarro video. Ronaldo couldn’t. Leaving Turin: he has gone to another region. Now, Juventus only has to buy a second home for him in Val le Daosta (laughs, editor). These should be examples, says Agnelli. What if Ronaldo is positive? We’re talking about a country that exists It has recommendations for vaccines. “

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