The hidden gains that made Beckham a pop: the obsessive clauses in contracts

Almost considered insane by moving to the US, David Beckham instead embarked on an impressive financial rise there.

David Beckham He stopped showing on the pitch and drawing perfect likes with his extremely accurate right foot in 2013. Although he said goodbye to football, his fortunes It has also grown tremendously thanks to significant investments. But the real turning point from an economic point of view came in 2007, when the ex-Spiceboy abruptly left Real Madrid to try a pioneering adventure in the United States. In Los Angeles Galaxy.

Choosing to leave the football that is important for landing abroad in a less competitive MLS league with only 10 years of experience left many puzzled. Beckham’s big pay cut has also been discussed, even by 70%. The English star, who won about $20 million in Real Madrid from meringue, went on to collect $6.5 million. A choice that sounds crazy, but it actually hid something else. As Joe Pompliano revealed, in a detailed analysis via a long Twitter thread, that was a real start financial ascent.

Indeed, in the contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy there were two unique and hidden clauses that allowed him to generally acquire beauty 500 million, Also consider the subsequent promotion to Inter Miami. Indeed, among the documents signed with the American company, there was also the possibility of negotiating and obtaining a percentage of the club’s total income. So parts of the proceeds from all kinds of sales and promotions also ended up in Beckham’s coffers: from tickets to gadgets and from sponsorships, Even sausages and beer They are sold in the stadium during matches. In short, nerdy items, also tied to weird aspects of Galaxy commerce.

In all, by adding salary, sponsorships, and revenue sharing, the former champ earned about $255 million in 5 years, or $50 million a year. The booty that at the time actually made him the highest paid player in the world overall. But that’s not all, as Beckham was also negotiating the right to buy a team About $25 millionWith the aim of increasing the competitiveness of the Football League. Thanks to the growth thereafter, Beckham benefited from TV rights, and from increasingly important ratings for the MLS franchise.

The president and co-owner of Inter Miami, with a $25 million buyout of the club, put an end to the amount paid by successive franchises who had to shell out over $100 million to sign up for the championship. Business is going very well, given that after a few years his club is already the tenth richest in the league Assets of $585 million. In short, therefore, the risk of relegation abroad proved successful, given that Beckham amassed record numbers, with all due respect to his £6.5m salary, which almost seemed to be ‘ridiculing’.

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