The Happy Team from the United States wins the 2023 Risotti Cup – Water Sports

Team Happy, a team from the USA, wins the 2023 Rizzotti Cup

The 35th edition of the Cup organized by Compagnia della Vela and Diporto Velico Veneziano

Team Happy from the USA won the 35th Marco Rizzotti Cup, an event organized by Compagnia della Vela and Diporto Velico Veneziano from May 12-14 on the stretch of sea between Venice and Cavallino.

One hundred and twenty matches played in three days, despite the weather not quite spring-like and with the rains forcing some breaks in the Ottavio Ghetti Compagnia della Vela Compagnia della Vela Center for Competitive Sport in Punta Sabbione.

An edition that did not fail to meet expectations for the bid both at sea and on land, thanks to the results published in real time on the event website, and where the next 16 teams from 13 countries submitted a bid

Sunday May 14th, at the end of the Regatta, the teams gathered at the beautiful site of Camping Village Marina di Venezia In Punta Sabbioni for the awards ceremony.

there Fair play plate “Gianpaolo Righetti” for the Venice Panathlon Club It was awarded to the Ukraine team for best behavior at sea, and to the Spanish team for fair play on land.

to Roman Vivinkoathlete of the national team of Ukraine Giorgio Lauro Commemorative Cup For the youngest sailor in the Rizzotti Cup in 2023.

This year also enters Trophy at the Venice Boat Showthe award for the best Italian team, dedicated to the team Bardolino Nautical Club.

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Risotti Challenger Cup 2023 Standings:

One – Happy USA Team

The second – Bardolino Marine Club

Third – Greece

Fourth – Club Villa Moggia

Fifth – Croatia

Sixth – Ukraine

Seventh – Türkiye

Eighth – USA Lesoth Black

ninth – the Peruvian Incas

Tenth – Switzerland

XI – Slovenia

12 – Puerto Rico

Thirteenth place – Nautik Cambrils Club – Spain

14 – 22 Veneto Region

XV – England

16th – NC Palilula – Serbia

The 36th edition of the Marco Rizzotti Cup will take place from 6 to 9 June 2024.

The teams joined the Risotti Cup

There were 16 crews registered for the 2023 Rizzotti Cup.

For the first time, Puerto Rico and Peru, the winners of the 2022 North American and South American Championships, respectively.

Straight from the United States, two teams, Team Happy and Lisot Black, finished first and second in the Midwinter Qualifiers, qualifiers expressly organized for the Rizzotti Cup. Serbia has Palilula and Spain has Nautic Cambrils.

Croatia, Slovenia, Great Britain, Switzerland, Greece and Turkey complete the list of foreign visitors.

Italy is represented by Centro Nautico Bardolino, champion of the Italian national team 2022, and Circulo Villa Moggia, runner-up in the same tournament and Region XII FIV Veneto.

Ukraine, the winner of the 2022 edition, also attended.

RIZZOTTI TROPHY – Invitation to the Regatta

The Rizzotti Cup was born as an invitational sailing event for national and international teams and clubs

Each team consists of 5 sailors, 4 of whom are in the running and reserve. Conditions for receiving the invitation: – The previous year’s Marco Rizzotti Cup winner – The Italian team that was formed from the twelfth region – The Italian team that won the Italian Team Racing Championship the previous year.

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