The gym, the bullies, the fear of being judged and laughed at

Andthe system A specific form of gym fear (It’s not about fatigue), which is very common but little is said about it.

Gym bullies, the fear of being judged in the gym

it’s a A form of anxiety that occurs when you have to exercise with other people. The reason lies in Fear of being judged and ridiculed Because we are not up to the task of those around us who are always obviously better than us.

A phenomenon more frequent than it might seem

This phenomenon is very frequent and the term that describes it is not just social media. from scanning platform configuredthe American fitness platform, it has been shown that many people suffer from it, For fear of being judged by others, they avoid going to the gym.

Sports intimidation is a form of anxiety that occurs when you have to play sports with other people. (Getty Images)

For women it’s a shame, for men it’s competition

Significantly more present in women, for 65%Gym shyness develops in a variety of ways. The biggest fear is being judged about the body, and therefore of not being fit enough or feeling bad with sportswear that is often too warm.

Couple's Fitness: Make It

Furthermore it, newly registered afraid of Don’t know how to use the equipment Based on Not doing the exercises properly. Meninstead, They wouldn’t feel afraid unless other men were looking at them. They will enter into a kind of competition with the latter.

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Gym, a limit that can be crossed

However, sometimes gym intimidation is a real tangible limit that, for some, can be so strong that it stops people from signing up for the gym or playing sports. to overcome this fearHowever, experts give some advice. Starting with the first and always and for all: Nobody cares what you do.

Helpful tips

Having said that, for example, Joining a gym that isn’t too crowded can help And find a place where you feel comfortable. can also serve Choose course times that are less crowdedor even try to start training at home.

Among the recommendations, there are also “Build a gym habitThis means not starting the most demanding training session right away, but maybe for the first few days, do some stretching, take a shower and leave.

If they love them Group activities, sign up for regular lessonswhere people are almost always the same can ease feelings of being judged.

Until now Learn about the movements and ask questions of the coachesAsk for help whenever you need it, without fear of inexperience. However, receiving support is definitely better than trying it alone without success. at the end, It is also important to celebrate every victory, even the smallest, to overcome all fear and hesitation. Each further victory in overcoming small boundaries will give more and more pleasure, until fears disappear, at least the largest ones.

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