The gym is open despite prohibitions: fines in Chieti

Agents and the owner of a gymnasium in central Kieti were fined by traffic police for violating Dpcm provisions.

As he says Center, The municipal police attack was launched after some anonymous reports arrived in the days leading up to the drive through Nikolini. Since the afternoon, plainclothes agents have seen some people in sportswear approach the fitness center, apparently closed.

When around 7 p.m., the general entered the gym to check inside, there were five people training, without respecting the rules of spacing. The owner, who later arrived on the site, justified himself by saying that he did not know that people were in the gym despite the prohibitions and that it was normal for some loyal members to have the keys to training even hours later, before the closing time.

However, penalties (400 euros) against the owner and customers and suspension of activity for a period of 5 days, at the end of the current restrictive measures in force.

And Chieti Mayor Donatella Di Giovanni announced that the checks will continue in the coming days.

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