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Mystery – While he was training in the gym, he got robbed Rolex, iPhone and the money he left in the locker, locked with a padlock. One of the thefts that took place in 2016 in one of the most famous gyms in the city, Virgin ActiveNow the company managing the structure is invited to respond: civil judge Silvia Barison has ordered her, in fact, to compensate her for more than 10 thousand euros, plus 5 thousand euros for litigation costs.
The verdict was filed a few days ago, at the conclusion of a lawsuit brought by lawyers Gianmaria Daminato and Ariana Burton, who informed the opposite party that, under the auspices of lawyers Giandomenico Cristiano Giuliani and Federica Santenone, they could decide to appeal the appeal. .
The judge held that the contract signed between the user and the manager of the sports center should be returned to the system provided for in Articles 1783 et seq. of the Civil Code, with regard to the deposit in the hotel, which also applies to “any entrepreneur of such activity which includes, subject to use, the need to free the customer from the concern of keeping things which he brings directly with him, in order to facilitate the enjoyment of the service.”


Thus, the gym manager has to answer for the assets that clients leave in custody. In this specific case, the Virgin Active also had secure video surveillance lockers, but not enough for all customers, who had no other choice but to leave personal items inside the locker inside the dressing room. closed with a lock.

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