The Guardian Owls criticize, on Steam Italians, but they don’t buy and ask for many refunds –

Baldo: Guardian Album From the historic Italian studio team NAPS, he has his countrymen among the hottest critics, in the face of modest sales Among our home players. This is at least on Steam, where there are very few copies sold in our country, despite the large number of them Refunds.

To reveal this data, which also explains why independent developers are now refusing to translate games into our language, was Fabio Capone, one of the developers of the NAPS team, who Facebook social networking site he wrote:

I want to share this, just to clear things up. Do you know how many copies of Baldo are on Steam from Italy? “70,” I say seventy! Half of them demanded a refund, which is also half of all the refunds that have occurred so far in the world! …but are people really still talking and criticizing? Haha it makes me laugh

Fabio Capone’s Facebook speech

The gist is that it is currently sold in Italy steam 35 copies of Baldo: The Guardian Owls, a very low profile. The number of refunds is also impressive, which is relatively high, especially considering that sales in the rest of the world have done significantly better. Someone bought the game, played it for less than two hours (compared to 40 times it generally should last) and take the opportunity to leave feedback, often negative, before asking for a refund.

Thinking that someone would pick it up Control unit And that others will play it on Apple Arcade, why all Boot users have stuck with the game remains a mystery. That so many talk without even starting it? We don’t believe it. It may be the lack of merit of the players, who, as we know, discuss only what they know in depth.

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